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Subject:  Take It To The Bank Chumps Date:  11/7/2012  1:52 AM
Author:  TMFSpeck Number:  1833479 of 2207799

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Back in September 2011, I made the following comment:

The GOP has not yet fielded a (Presidential) candidate who can win the general election. That doesn't mean they won't, but none of the current crop will do it.

ramsfanray to Theobald64 in the same thread:

What's your track record on prediction elections over a year out?

Theobald64's response:

Well, mine is excellent.[…] On this one, let me make this plain, and take it to the bank chumps.

Unless there is a third party candidate, the GOP will win the Presidency with either Perry or Romney. If the GOP nominates Perry the GOP will get about 330 or so EV, if they nominate Romney, you are talking a trouncing of McGovernesque proportions.

My response:

"Chump" or no, I'll see you here next November to compare notes ;-)

Theobald64's response:

I am sure you will, but trust me, I have heard it before and the bodies of political handicappers have been everywhere around me once I commit. The problem you guys have is that I tend to be right, quite a lot.


So, 75% of these people believe whatever you tell them and don't bother to read or check. To them they really do believe that VA, NC and FL will go to the Democrats.

VA? Obama
NC? Romney, by the narrowest of margins
FL? As I write this, still too close to call

Oh, and Obama won with the >300 electoral votes theobald64 said would be going to *gulp* Perry. So much for a "trouncing of McGovernesque proportions...

You probably better give Karl Rove back his special election calculator ;-)

Cheers and congratulations Mr. President,

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