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Subject:  Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!!!! Date:  11/7/2012  3:20 AM
Author:  OleDocJ Number:  2691 of 2974

I had a bottle of homebrew that I made in 1994 that won 2nd place in the Del Mar Fair (San Diego County Fair) in 1994. Over the years, I had used it as a prop to display the ribbon. Since I'm going to be moving soon, I targeted it as one more thing to throw away. As an afterthought, I decided to put it in the fridge and see what it tasted like after 18 years of storage in less than optimal conditions (to say the least!!!).

Well, as I am sitting here typing, I am halfway through the bottle! I'm shocked, I tell ya! Shocked!!!

I expected it to be flat. It's not! It's still lightly carbonated - pretty much the same level of carbonation that I usually do on my homebrews of dark ale.

I expected it to taste awfull. I doesn't! It still tastes like a quality dark ale!!!

It's a dammed good brew after 18 years at room temperature storage!!!

Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It defies common sense!

I don't recommend storing beer that long, but who'd a thunk it!

I have another bottle in the fridge that won 1st place in the Del Mar Fair in 1995. I'll pop that one open tomorrow. I still don't expect it to be any good, but who knows? I still can't believe the one I'm drinking is 18 years old!!!!

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