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Subject:  How Foxnews is destroying the GOP Date:  11/7/2012  5:59 AM
Author:  AdvocatusDiaboli Number:  1833510 of 2204304

Now almost everyone (even most Republicans) realize that Foxnews is a right-wing propaganda organ, whose agenda mostly (but not nearly completely) aligns with that of the GOP.

Among other things, Fox fulfills the following functions:

1. It occupies the attention of its viewers and keeps them from accessing other news sources where they might hear about things they shouldn't
2. It turns non-issues into news (Acorn, Benghazi)
3. It presents an alternate viewpoint on ANY fact that is inconvenient to the GOP

The problem is, as I have remarked in the past, that while no. 3 is incredibly valuable in the short term, it has some very pernicious side effects.
In the short term, it means that Fox viewers will never be forced to conclude that the GOP has made a mistake (unless Roger Ailes wants them to).
Whenever the GOP screws up, Fox is there to reassure people. The financial meltdown? That was the GSEs, the CRA, CERTAINLY NOT deregulation, insane Wall Street greed and lack of oversight.
The Iraq disaster? It's really a success! WMD? Found! And Saddam was responsible for 9/11 as well.
People don't want to hear that their side screwed up, and with Fox, they don't have to.
This is tremendously useful as it helps to retain voters that might otherwise be inclined to vote for the other party or just stay home.

It has a downside, however. It renders the party incapable of learning anything from its mistakes. If you're within the Fox reality sphere, and the vast majority of hard-core GOP supporters and politicians today seem to be, then you will never have to learn anything.

The normal process with which humans deal with reality by trial and error has been short-circuited.

Today the GOP lost for a variety of reasons. The demographic trends are not in favor of a party that goes for the vote of angry white men, the GOP crusade against reproductive rights is alienating women and the young, the constant torrent of BS from the Romney campaign got fact-checked and, of course, people aren't actually in favor of phasing out Medicare for an inadequately funded private alternative. There are more issues on which the GOP is at odds with the majority opinions.

So what does Fox have to say about this?

Five ways the mainstream media tipped the scales in favor of Obama

You see, there's nothing actually wrong with conservative policy, there never is. Well there's certainly never a case where the liberals have got more right then the conservatives.
So here's your laundry list of reasons why the GOP really lost. According to Fox.

Fox is already handing out the bromides to make sure no one in the GOP has to learn anything from this disaster.
Well, good luck with that.
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