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Subject:  Nate Silver Nails It! Date:  11/7/2012  6:15 AM
Author:  FreethinkerKW Number:  1833514 of 2210437

Votes still being tallied, but it appears Silver predicted every single state correctly. If he's 50 out if 50 correct, every single bogus pollster from Fox News to Ramussen to Drudge will have to kiss his hind parts:

p.s. Check out these Ramussen predictions from their very last poll. This will make you laugh:

FTKW suggestion: read the following paragraph in a Walter Cronkite voice: It should be noted that in the final days leading up to the national election, Rasmussen doubles the number of polls it takes each night. Rather than the 500 daily contacts made worked into a three-day rolling average to arrive at its figures, Rasmussen is now contacting 1,000 people each day to arrive at the results of their three-day rolling average.

In recent state polls, most state contests are very close. As of Friday, Ohio is now tied with 49% supporting both candidates. Another poll result released on Friday is in regard to Michigan which has Obama at 52% and Romney at 47%. As of a poll conducted Thursday, in Wisconsin, both candidates have 49%. In other polls taken recently, Colorado is for Romney, 50% to 47%. Florida favors Romney, 50% to 48%. Iowa favors Romney, 49% to 48%. Nevada favors Obama 50% to 48%. New Hampshire favors Romney 50% to 48%. Virginia is for Romney, 50% to 48%.

p.p.s. A reminder for GOPers. You can't trust a polling outfit which only calls people with landlines. This is the 21st Century. How can any pollster neglect all the young people who have never had a landline in their lives? Garbage in, garbage out.

Nate Silver embarrassed the GOP polling favorites, I mean he kicked their A$$.

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