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Subject:  Re: Head banging time Date:  11/7/2012  11:34 AM
Author:  Globetraveler Number:  306385 of 312185

Maybe I'm a skeptic, but I figured the daughters medical bills were a smallish part of their debt and they just thought that sounded better than 'we spent it on crap'. They don't seem to have made wise decisions all around (401k taxes not being put aside, etc..).

I agree, it could have been nothing medically wise and they just HAD to have the latest and greatest of everything. Then again, there is a slight chance they raided their savings, 401K, and finally did this recent stupid move to help pay for some sort of life saving treatments for their daughter. It does happen.

We all sit here and poo-poo them, call them idiots, and assume their problems are all from crazy consumer over spending. I'm sure it makes us feel just a little better about ourselves when we do this. I'm just suggesting an alternate reasoning for making these financial moves. I'm not saying I agree with what they did, I'm just saying they may have just been overwhelmed by a grave medical issue and they made some rash decisions to help fund treatments.

My original response was to the statement that they were living beyond their means since they were helping their daughter with medical expenses. I don't agree with that statement. If it were my daughter and she was in a serious medical situation, I'd do whatever it took.
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