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Subject:  Re: Misinformation Date:  11/7/2012  8:06 PM
Author:  sykesix Number:  1834012 of 2015647

What is the larger takeaway from this? Message to the right: YOU NEED NEW NEWS SOURCES. You sucked up the lies from Daily Caller about skewed polls, fake-o reports about Republicans being overrepresented in early voter turnout, and every other falsehood those sources saw fit to fill your heads with. They were wrong, and now those of you who saw fit to confidently repeat those falsehoods are equally complicit in just being wrong.

Have a rec. The thing about this election that is so obvious, is that the right wing was wildly, wildly wrong about...facts.

The polls said what they said. There are different ways to interpret them, or to spin them. Maybe Republicans have higher voter enthusiasm which isn't reflected in the polls, etc. Reasonable people can look at the same s