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Subject:  Paging Jedi... Date:  11/8/2012  2:36 AM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  653730 of 876420

Jedi buddy,
I'm now fully on board with your notion that America needs a full dose of liberalism. Good and hard, delivered with an iron boot to the crotch. A slow, steady decline in cultural norms, a lack of a national sense of pride or identity coupled with the rise of a generation that lacks focus, the will to compete/win and any work ethic has led us to where we are today: four more years of disaster.

I say the GOP shouldn't fight a thing Obama wants. Over on CF I've posted MY new tax plan: stop patching the AMT (lower the bar, in fact), a financial transaction tax, increases in cap gains, the works. Each of them is designed to nail a specific area of the national income equation:

GDP = C(1-t) + I + G + (X-I)

C = consumer spending
t = taxes
I = investment spending
G = government spending
(X-I) = Exports - imports

I'm especially proud of my financial transaction tax. Couple that with my capital gains and AMT "reforms" (I want to hit S-corps with it, too - should nail small businesses good), and the investment portion of GDP should slow to a crawl.

I think some teaching needs to be done. Specifically, all those 20-somethings who are unemployed and living in Mom's basement - and who voted Obama - should be taught a lesson or two. Maybe they'll learn something when they're 40 and finally have saved enough for their first apartment.
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