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Subject:  Notice of personal sale Date:  11/8/2012  9:59 AM
Author:  TMFGebinr Number:  827 of 1287

Hi everyone,

In accordance with The Motley Fool's trading rules for employees, I've sought and gained permission for selling shares of a company that is both a personal holding and a holding of the Messed-Up Expectations portfolio. This is a notice that, as soon as the company's rules allow, I'll be selling my personally held shares of Apple, for the following reason.

A couple of weeks ago, while driving in northern Virginia, I hit a deer with my car. (Thankfully, I was uninjured.) Unfortunately, I was just informed that the cost of the repairs to the car would exceed the insurance company's estimate of the car’s value. Therefore they are declaring the car to be totaled. As a result, I must now buy a car.

In order to help raise enough cash to do so, I need to sell my Apple shares. This will eliminate my personal long position in the company.

This move does not mean I've changed my mind about Apple as a long-term investment, and I intend to keep the position open in the Messed-Up Expectations portfolio. The sale is strictly for personal reasons.

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