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Subject:  Re: If I were Obama . . . Date:  11/8/2012  11:36 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46163 of 85632

SG:"I would recognize that the economy is getting gradually better without any cooperation from the Republicans in Congress and the Senate."


Boeing just announced major layoffs. McDonalds just reported major drop in sales - in every region. Unemployment is still 8% and record numbers are on foodstamps and SS Disability.

Getting better? barely, and once Obama turns the EPA lose on the fossil fuel industry, that 'bright area' will go dim, and we'll be into the continuation of the drop in average family income, now down $4300 in just 4 years of Obama, the rise in prices of energy and gasoline, doubled under Obama with his promises of $9/gal gas to European levels and 'skyrocketing utility bills'.


" I would accept that they are going to continue to obstruct all efforts at fiscal responsibility or progress so place very little effort into changing that."

Right..the dem