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Subject:  Re: Paging Jedi... Date:  11/8/2012  12:58 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  653825 of 840998

Hi Dope1....

Demography and Free Trade costed the GOP the Presidency this year, along with Hurricane Sandy.

Here's the ONE problem right now....Republicans kept the House. That means that they'll save Liberal professionals from the true punishment they deserve via tax increases, etc. I'm hoping the GOP caves on most everything.

I like alot of your list. Here's a few things I'd like to see. Again, these are things that Obama or other Leftists have espoused. These are things that I think will punish people, especially Liberals. As someone who pays ZERO income tax for now...I could care less. 47%'ers are patriots because we watch game shows and pay sales tax on our lunches according to Libs.

Tax Health Benefits Fully
I wonder who gets juicier health insurance from their jobs? The software expert in Caliphornia, or the mechanic in Alabama? It's time Liberal professionals pay thru the nose for their health insurance.

FAIRNESS! WHY Should yuppies get a tax-free perk while McDonald workers don't get such a perk?

Limit the Mortgage Interest Deduction

Let's see, who has the higher mortgage balance? The average homeowne in Alaska and Texas, OR in Boston or San Fran? Yep, it's the Liberal professional. Cap the deduction for homes costing under $300,000.

*OH!* As the value of pricier homes decline, so does the property tax associated with it. This will hurt the local school systems and wealthy Liberals will have to deal with it.

This will punish Liberal professionals. ALSO it'll mean less construction jobs. Less materials and equipment purchases and other ripple jobs like furniture. Sadly this will cost middle class jobs....BUT that will lead to more welfare, more crime, more debt, and more reasons to steal from Liberal professional paychecks.

Leave AMT status quo, and EDUCATE the underclass about it.

All over TMF, these greedy 6-figure earning Liberal professionals crow for fairness. YET they want AMT reform for themselves. It's time every poor and middle class person in America start asking: Why does a rich person earning $150k need any more help? Let em cut back on their Whole Foods budget 1st.


Lately, greedy Liberals have dropped the "$200,000" threshold to whine for millionarres. See, this Libs make a few bucks but will never be millionarres so this better suits them.

NOPE, it's time "rich" households earning $200k are taxed hig