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Subject:  Re: X:Com Date:  11/9/2012  12:36 PM
Author:  1971simon Number:  34937 of 37101

The trick is to not advance to contact very far at once.

Yeah, you learn that pretty quickly in Ironman mode. I made the mistake once and paid for it. The first mission with the zombie-makers is the hardest (rescuing the hostages). I got VERY lucky on my Normal/Ironman play through in that when they first showed up EVERYONE could fire on them instantly. The never zombiefied anyone (not even a civilian). The biggest asset you have is a sniper with a great field of view and squad-look. Big guns help too....

Not X:COM related....

So why were you fighting in that room????? Also - if there was a boarding robot you were probably not that close to the end no?

2nd fight with the boss ship. I was taking a beating and jumped away. He'd left a boarding robot in my Oxygen room with a hull breach. Even though the robot doesn't fight the crew fight him before they fix the breach or the lack of oxygen. I could use the medbay to keep people from dying but only 3 and the O2 room only held 2 crew. It was a dance I lost before everyone died of asphyxiation (wow, spelled that correctly without the spell checker!).

I was doing so well too.... :(

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