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Subject:  Re: George W. Bush Killed Retirement Date:  11/9/2012  8:05 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46177 of 116885

"The idea that I have "corporate masters" is ludicrous."

No, to the libs, it's not.

To them, everyone should have a guaranteed income. If they want to write poetry for self-fulfillment, poetry that no one wants to buy, they should still get a guaranteed federal income. IF they want to investigate 'surfing technology' (ie, go surfing daily), they should get a guaranteed of course, free ObamaKare.

If you actually 'have' to go to work to 'earn' a living, you are a 'slave' to the 'man'. You are 'owned' by the 'corporate masters' who run all those nasty profit making companies and those greedy capitalistic stock holders who actually expect people to work hard and the company to make money!.

A good quarter of the people in the country believe that and it's spreading fast.

In other words......your earnings are redistributed......if you make money...we'll, you only get to keep 'what you need' and the government defines that. the rest is 'redistributed' so everyone has 'an income' for whatever they do or don't do.

With unemployment for years - we are almost there.

I wouldn't bet a nickel as to whether unemployment will be extended for another 5 years for those unfortunate unemployed part of the 'tax deal'.....

Permanent pay for not working - in the works....

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