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Subject:  Re: George W. Bush Killed Retirement Date:  11/9/2012  8:05 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46177 of 73696

"The idea that I have "corporate masters" is ludicrous."

No, to the libs, it's not.

To them, everyone should have a guaranteed income. If they want to write poetry for self-fulfillment, poetry that no one wants to buy, they should still get a guaranteed federal income. IF they want to investigate 'surfing technology' (ie, go surfing daily), they should get a guaranteed of course, free ObamaKare.

If you actually 'have' to go to work to 'earn' a living, you are a 'slave' to the 'man'. You are 'owned' by the 'corporate masters' who run all those nasty profit making companies and those greedy capitalistic stock holders who actually expect people to w