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Subject:  Re: Fiscal Cliff my @ss Date:  11/10/2012  11:33 AM
Author:  lindytoes Number:  46185 of 116458

salaryguru: I don't really want Democrats to get better at propaganda, but I do wish they would get better at slapping down both Republicans and reporters whenever they use Republican propaganda arguments. They need to learn how to say, "If there is such a thing as a fiscal cliff, Republicans drove the nation over it back in 2002. It's time that we start climbing that cliff so we can come out of the Bush Fiscal Chasm of Doom now."

Not only that, there really isn't a cliff. It's more like a curb or a hill. Some of the items that would change are a slow, gradual change. Some won't have full effect for almost a year. For example, the debt ceiling is supposed to be an issue by March, but if taxes go up in January, that will be put off at least for a little while because more revenue will be coming in and spending will be going down because of sequestration.

As everyone probably knows, Washington won't do anything substantive until smashed up against the wall by some big, hairy brute. Then they will do the job they were sent to do. Hopefully now that they don't have to worry about making Obama a one term President, they will actually govern. But I'm not holding my breath. Now their agenda will be to make sure the Democrats don't take over the House. Now their agenda will be to make sure they win a majority in 2014 and 2016, including the Presidency. I am afraid obstructionism will never stop. The Republicans won in 2010 which means they were able to redistrict and retain quite a large number of House seats this year. Elections matter, sometimes for a very long time.
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