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Subject:  Re: How airline pilot unions operate Date:  11/12/2012  8:54 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46210 of 116458

The unions in lots of industries try the same thing.

Steel workers....

Electrical workers union


In NYC, all the unions figure they should have 125% of the profits on the work they do. Only having an even bigger mob type boss to decide who gets what share of the pie works in the end. Someone on 'the contract' decides who gets what and how badly the city/feds will be screwed when they bid the contract.

The Bacon-Davis Act required by the gov't on all construction projects is similar. It demands that taxpayers pay the HIGHEST LOCAL 'prevailing' UNION wage on projects funded by the taxpayer - like all those 'infrastructure' projects. Built at highest cost. ANd that could mean your rural project was based upon city wages 200 miles away.


If you were an investor and bought into airlines 100 years ago when aviation was started , you would have done equally well taking 20% of your money and burning it each year for the last 100 years.


The teachers union deals aren't much different although the pay scale is likely only 3:1 or 5:1. By the time you add in 5% a year for 'seniority', and those kickers for 'advanced degrees' (usually useless especially for K-10 and likely nearly all of 'high school')......really, just how does a PhD in French or German or SPanish teach any better than a BA degree? Or geography? or algebra? But taxpayers get socked.

The only time I worked at places with 'unions' that would have affected me was two summer jobs.....and I didn't have to join the union for that.

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