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Subject:  NY Holiday Food Kitchens Date:  11/13/2012  8:16 AM
Author:  lcd186 Number:  7772 of 7869

Does anyone here volunteer with - or know about - specific food kitchens, or related charitable food services?

I wanted to know if I can ask any of these food or kitchen services if I can get two, or maybe three or so, of their leftover turkey carcasses. If they make ham, I'd love at least one or two ham bones. I make a lot of frugal dishes, stews, or soups with the leftover bones of roasts, but I haven't been able to use my oven in a while. My oven-broiler has been broken.

I have not volunteered in about three years for any type of organizations, though I have wanted to do volunteer work again in some ways. I have not volunteered with a food kitchen or hunger-related specific service in about six or more years. Also this month my budget is so tight that I use my MetroCard (pay per ride) only sparingly, borrowing a friend's unlimited whenever he is available when I need to travel.

I was hoping that if any such food kitchen or pantry will consider this, I would be happy to volunteer with them before or around - not on* - either of the holidays themselves, preferably the days/week beforehand. I would be happy to do dishes and pots and pans, or other. The organizations I used to volunteer with usually required people to be registered or vetted many days (often weeks) before volunteering and had done so via a church I used to attend years ago, but no longer go there.

(Note: I used to volunteer with the umbrella group, New York Cares, but have been inactive and I know I would have to re-register and go to orientation. Smaller organizations have different procedures.)

Thank you very much,
Lois Carmen D.

* This old post on TMF explains my own reasoning for not volunteering on the holidays:
T-Day: Don't Volunteer at Soup Kitchen
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