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Subject:  Re: A white male schools the GOP Date:  11/13/2012  12:41 PM
Author:  FoolishVintner Number:  412889 of 504418

"...Anyone that has looked at the data knows that the reason Romney got 1.5 million fewer votes than McCain is because the hardcore conservatives of the party failed to show up because Romney wasn't conservative enough. This man a Joe Scarborough, a guy that thinks the party is too conservative when it's not that the party is too conservative, he's just not a Republican. End of story."

The only story that's ending is the Republican's hopes for a conservative in the White House, if that's the lesson you are going to keep deriving from being spanked down by swing voters every time.

Or have you forgotten that that was exactly the kind of sour grapes you had about John McCain too? He wasn't "conservative enough?"

The hardcore conservatives showed up, in fact they were more motivated to show up this time according to the pollsters (you know, the ones guys like you thought were liberally biased, but who ended up being 100% right). You are in deep denial if you think you can win any national elections on the basis of the "hardcore conservative" vote. It wasn't the Moderate Mitt that lost Florida and Virginia, it was the bungler who said he wanted to abolish FEMA (??!!) during the primaries to impress "hardcore conservatives." It wasn't Moderate Mitt who lost Ohio, it was the bungler who opposed the (successful) auto bailout to impress "hardcore conservatives." And it was the Tea Party, your "hardcore conservative" rape guys, and Mitch McConnell was lost it everywhere else.

It's not just the demographics, which have *permanently* shifted federal power away from the angry white vote (Nixon's southern strategy is now officially, undeniably more of a liability than an asset). No, it's your party's increasing ideological disconnect - not only with the core values of this country today, but of your own party history. When all you can do is attack the president for enacting stuff that YOU GUYS INVENTED, AND SUPPORTED UNTIL JUST A FEW YEARS AGO (cap and trade, health care mandates, etc.), and when Ronald Reagan becomes a symbol of compromise and moderation on the left, and you know the GOP has some serious self-reflection to do. Judging by posts like this, partisan Democrats can take comfort in knowing that rank-and-file Republicans are going to have to go through a decade or two of this kind of electoral shellackings before that happens.
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