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Subject:  Re: Bargain hunting Date:  11/13/2012  12:41 PM
Author:  Jim2B Number:  40778 of 42233

God forbid the government even attempt to raise money to help pay for its obligations. The fact that workers paid into social security all their working lives with the expectation of being able to withdraw at the end of the day be damned.

This attitude just isn't going to wash.

Pretend this country is a human body. This particular human body has been in an accident and suffered a variety of wounds.

Democrats proposed to apply band-aids to the face because appearances are important.

Republicans proposed to attempt to close up a gash to the femoral artery.

Democrats won the election and plan to ignore the gash to the femoral artery. You have bought into the argument that appearances are more important than hemorrhaging to death.

When triaging things like this you must stabilize the life (economy) threatening issues first. In this case, it is entitlement spending. I know that this might leave scars on the patient's face but the reality is we as a country can live with and later address such issues over the short term. We can't live with a hemorrhaging deficit like the one run up by Barack Obama & Co.
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