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Subject:  Re: Unbelievable Really Date:  11/13/2012  3:22 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  654967 of 876054

"Telegraph said Romney got 49%+. Actually he got 47.8%."

I just was allowing for only a small amount of voter fraud - in districts that 'recorded' a vote for Romney as a vote for Obama.

In order to 'win' an election these days you need about 70% of the vote...then, you'll wind up winning by 3% as the 'just found' car trunk full of votes show up in every precinct...

When 120 or 150% of the registered voters 'vote' and vote for know it is an uphill battle

Not to pick nits.....but you are basically saying that 3 people out of a hundred actually determined who won the election (or their 3rd and 4th votes) did....and the other 97% cancelled each other out.....

It was a 'tie'.

No one wound up with a mandate.

The only conclusion is that half the country didn't want Obama..the other half was bought off.

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