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Subject:  Re: Bargain hunting Date:  11/13/2012  4:22 PM
Author:  ThyPeace Number:  40780 of 42233

Gents (if there are any ladies in the argument, my apologies for missing it),

This is highly political argument. It's interesting. One might even say it's relevant to investing in general. And I realize that it's a topic that worries everyone, no matter what their political persuasion. Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians. Even the Donut Party, which my daughter recently invented, is worried about it.

It's important. Really important. But ranting about which party is or is not going to fix it, it seems to me, is buying into a split that the Democrat and Republican Parties both benefit from. What I mean is, we are falling into a trap of blame. "IT'S THEIR FAULT!!! I DIDN'T DO IT!!!"

Frankly, I don't care who did it. I don't care who's in office. I don't even care if the Tea Party invites the Donut Party over and they build the greatest coalition government the world has ever seen.

What I care about is starting to take steps. It takes, usually, a left foot and a right foot to make a human walk well. So let's take a left step and then a right step and then another left step and then another right. Maybe we dance, maybe we go to the side a bit. But if we keep taking steps, I bet we can make progress.

But this is a problem of the American people. All of us. The moment anyone becomes a voice of blame, we shift the problem to someone else. And the only place we can possibly look to solve this problem, no matter who we are and what our opinions, is in the mirror.

ThyPeace, and isn't this the BMW Board where we talk about what it means when VZ hit its +2RMS on its 16 year chart, while being nowhere near it on its 35 and 40 year charts anyway?
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