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Subject:  Re: Ozone Treatment for Smoke Date:  11/13/2012  6:52 PM
Author:  Radish Number:  123052 of 137307


So that was done Friday, and when I left Monday AM there seemed to be no return of the stale smoke smell.


That foreverozone is a scary website. In "Water Ozonators", I looked at their Basic Build one that puts out 5000 mg/h. They recommend running it 18 hours/day to treat a spa (Jacuzzi). My spa has a Del Ozone MCD-50 that puts out 50 mg/h and runs 24 hours/day. Even that unit puts out enough ozone that it is not recommended for use on spas not specifically designed for high-output ozone. If you just put 50 mg/h of ozone into the water coming from the filter/pump/heater and let that straight out into the spa, the ozone levels in the air above the water will exceed Federal limits. Spas designed for these types of ozone generators (as opposed to the UV-bulb types which can put out much less ozone) have a special path for the ozone-rich water to run through before it gets to the area used by the spa's occupants. This long path allows the ozone to react with contaminants in the water before it reaches the people, and avoids exceeding the Federal limits.

But that website is advocating using 100 times the output that already exceeds Federal safety limits! Further down they page they talk about "ozone therapy" and getting ozone into your blood. Scary.

By the way, despite what 1poorguy says, ozone will kill insects if the dosage is high enough and long enough. I've had various bugs crawl into the air inlet in my ozone generator, and they turn into a cute ash sculpture of their former selves. Bees are especially cool looking as a grey ash. I haven't seen this in a while, because the manufacturers started putting a screen on the air inlet (usually an ozone-absorbing material, apparently because they fear ozone leaking out the inlet will cause them to fail Federal safety rules).

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