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Subject:  Re: The Working Class Date:  11/14/2012  4:12 AM
Author:  Vile Number:  110933 of 143922

"This sort of misinformed caricature of those who voted for Obama is exactly what I see as what went wrong for the GOP in this most recent election: they saw 47% of the population as a giant "taker" strawman that bore little resemblance to reality."

Someone is definitely divorced from reality. Clue: it ain't us.

What has 0bama done for you? He has spent your money on union pensions and failed green jobs. In other words, he wasted it. He may as well have burned cash in the fireplace. Nothing he has done has created a single job. In fact, almost everything he has done has killed them. His signature legislation, 0bamacare, is crushing the job market. Because of his redefinition of a full time job, companies all over are changing full time jobs to part time jobs.

No signing the Keystone legislation killed thousands of oil sector jobs. Closing down the Gulf