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Subject:  Re: Ozone Treatment for Smoke Date:  11/14/2012  7:17 AM
Author:  inparadise Number:  123057 of 137218

At least for my mirror the replacement is:
1> pop off trim piece
2> remove nuts
3> unplug wire harness (12 pin plug IIRC)
4> set aside old mirror
5> put new mirror in place
6> bolt it on
7> plug in wire harness
8> put trim piece back

10 minutes work - worth $77 to me.

The one thing I've learned with DIY, is that it is seldom as easy as people tell you. I have found the learning curve for things as basic as changing out lighting fixtures or switching brands of smoke alarms to be pretty steep, and it almost always takes much longer than anticipated. I replaced 4 ceiling lights with the same product every time, and each and every replacement gave me a different set of issues!

Yes, I have learned to pick my battles. I have had to battle with more than I wanted to because of the difficulty of getting people out to work on the cabin, or the exorbitant rates they want to charge, but driving the car the two miles to the autobody guy and forking over the very affordable $267, is not worth distracting me from other projects.

Besides, what do you "pry" it off with...a flat head screw driver? I can just see that slipping and scratching the heck out of the door which somehow avoided damage. The potential for my making things worse is way too large given the relatively small payback!

thrilled to be in the financial position to pick and chose her battles, knowing what it is like to have to take every thing on or not get it done
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