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Subject:  Re: The Fiscal Cliff-Solving the wrong problem Date:  11/14/2012  12:14 PM
Author:  MadCapitalist Number:  408464 of 536822

Other things equal, taxes reduce economic growth, and different types of taxes have different impacts on economic growth.

Again, if one chooses to spend their time by finding studies to support their own viewpoint, then academia abounds.

Again, I didn't select only studies that supported my view point. I just did Google searches for studies on taxes and economic growth.

If you can find compelling studies to show that I'm wrong, I would *love* to see them.

You present the case for rising tax rates being a drag on an economy without presenting the case for how to pay off the $16 trillion (and rising) debt. If you propose to raise the taxes on the middle and lower income brackets, you reduce their spending ability in an economy which is 70% consumer driven.

I already presented the case for cutting spending and not increasing taxes. I can't help it if you insist on rejecting *all* empirical evidence that contradicts your viewpoints.

Does austerity work?
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