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Subject:  Re: Criminals win in the Nanny State Date:  11/14/2012  3:16 PM
Author:  decath Number:  655118 of 876335

Barack is coming for you, t.

No escape now.

Might as well go quietly.


I know you are probably being facetious Peter, but I really hope there are no significant change to 'gun rights' or the 2nd amendement which will be a real possibility if one conservative supreme is replaced.

Let's look at the numbers. Over 100 million gun owners in this country, of which many are in law enforcement and the military and agree with the NRA.

Let's just say 1/4 have the 'cold dead's hands' mentality, like I do BTW.

That's 25 million people that believe they will die before they allow the gov't to take away their right to defend themselves and their families. Add to that that most of us believe that once you take away our guns, the gov't has carte blanche to do whatever it wants to.

Ya, call us fanatics if you want to. Regardless, 25 million people that just say "No Fraking Way".

It will be bloody. It will be a civil war. Do liberals realize that? Do they really want to go there?

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