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Subject:  Re: The Fiscal Cliff-Solving the wrong problem Date:  11/14/2012  5:52 PM
Author:  MadCapitalist Number:  408525 of 535075

You should have no problem listing the studies that contradict my position if it is so easy to do. You won't do it though.

I gave you a whole 10 pages worth from Google.....haven't you made your way through them yet?

Most of them were articles, not studies. Some referenced studies, such as the CBO study that showed that raising taxes *does* reduce growth. Many referenced the same flawed CRS study that we discussed before. I did see one that said that there was no correlation between tax rates and growth, but it is far less compelling because it was just based on the U.S., and there is the problem of widely varying policies during the time studied (which was one of the problems with the CRS study). It is far less compelling than studying all of the OECD countries.

I stopped there because it seems like a waste of time.

I'm not interested in "studies" which prove or disprove your (adjective deleted) take on how taxes should interact with the perfect economy while excluding anything too hard to model. We reached the edge of the abyss with those hair-brained schemes.

I'm not either, which is why the studies draw from real world empirical evidence.

Your standard for rejecting evidence seems to be that it disagrees with your theories.
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