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Subject:  Re: Criminals win in the Nanny State Date:  11/14/2012  7:41 PM
Author:  PeterRabit Number:  655170 of 876437

dec That's 25 million people that believe they will die before they allow the gov't to take away their right to defend themselves and their families. Add to that that most of us believe that once you take away our guns, the gov't has carte blanche to do whatever it wants to.

When I was young, high-school age, I was virulently anti-Communist. I lived in Alabama. My friends in this effort would tell me about how dictatorships would arise by first registering everyone's guns and then taking them away.

We are talking 55 years ago. I've been hearing this same horror tale for fifty-five years.

Now consider an actual example: Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Most households owned a Kalashnikov rifle which they would shoot into the air with abandon at weddings. Did that make them free? Not at all, because when your neighbors or your enemies rat you out to the secret police and they come knocking on your door at midnight, it doesn't matter how many guns you have. If you fight back, it just means that your entire family will die. And if all your neighbors join the fight, it means your entire village will die.

The government always has bigger guns than you do.

So cling to your guns and cling to your fears and myths.

I'm not going to try to take your guns away.

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