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Subject:  Re: God Bless America Date:  11/14/2012  11:18 PM
Author:  JoelCairo Number:  1836817 of 2210550

For conservatives who are perhaps confused as to why God would punish the USA by allowing Obama to be re-elected, they may want to consider the country we live in:

We celebrate deviant sexual behavior.
We execute unborn children by the millions.
We enable entirely slothful lifestyles.
Promiscuous women are a voting group that can be purchased for $10/mo in free birth control.
Aimless potheads are a voting group (D)
God is rejected in almost every institution

I'd write more but I have to attend a burlesque show with my boyfriend.

By Mark's eminently sound and measured logic, he'd like a country that:

Supports and continues child molestation by religious figures
Executes the lives of the victims of rape and incest
Enables flagrant waste of money, gambling, and killing of innocent people with automatic weapons
Bullying white men who think they have been annointed by the Christian God to tell women, people of color, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others where they should go and what they should do
Rejects God as worshipped by billions of people world-wide
Rejects science
Condemns newborn babies to lives without love, healthcare, a safe environment, and a roof over their heads
Wants to kill the Constitution,

and on and on and on...

You know, once you get the hang of it, you can play "insane right-wing fanatic" on the other side of the political spectrum. Or you can sit in a circle with your man friends and share the truth.
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