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Subject:  Re: An Idea for Secessionist Traitors/Babies Date:  11/14/2012  11:58 PM
Author:  jerryab Number:  1836827 of 2204114

They have all been in place, and growing, for the last 45-80 years. Liberal entitlement Keynesian economic policies have been in place for the last 45-80 years.

Funny how there were no problems under Clinton--with the US National Debt expected to be paid off by 2010.

PS The Bush tax cuts caused the housing crisis

No, they were the primary cause of the massive growth of the US debt.

Incompetence of the GWB administration and negligence of the financial sector oversight/regulation, under the belief it was "self regulating" and would businesses "never allow markets to get out of control", was the true cause of the housing crisis.

This alone should be sufficient to relegate conservatives to being an extremely tiny party of documented idiots--because their total failure to understand the relationship business and the economy was supposedly their strong point. Getting THAT wrong merely caused their base to shrug it off. Yet, a rational person would be asking "How could they NOT know that stuff--and let it happen on their watch?". Which is irrefutable proof conservative voters are NOT rational in their thinking--and that is proven by the types of campaigns run by conservatives. All emotion, no facts (fake facts or outright lies are the norm, not the exception).
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