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Subject:  Re: Liberal myths dispelled Date:  11/15/2012  12:10 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  655258 of 876060

"Imagine a deity great enough to create a Universe based upon knowable and discoverable set of logical rules. A Universe that runs for billions of years without direct "personal" intervention.

Imagine a deity great enough to create a system of rule whereby life can spawn spontaneously and evolve to the point of developing consciousness, freewill, and empathy.

I do not understand how anyone capable of believing such a powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent deity could exist AND require obeisance from the beings it has spawned on penalty of eternal torture.

I mean, I am no where near as powerful as that and if people in my neighborhood do not think I'm a great guy, I do not wish eternal damnation upon them. I care even less about what sub-Saharan tribal Africans might think of me.

According to you, this particular powerful deity condemns those who have not even heard of him to unimaginable tortures for all eternity simply because they haven't had the opportunity to even decide about him. What kind of sadistic, brutal, spiteful deity are you worshiping?

I personally can't reconcile the properties of a deity powerful enough to setup this Universe with a being as petty as some Christians think he might be. I just can't imagine the powerful God mentioned above caring one whit about the personal beliefs of one of the beings he gave free will too.

I wouldn't care and God is supposed to be far more compassionate and loving than me." - Jim


Exactly. Thank you for stating it so succinctly. I have 30 graduate hours towards a Masters Degree in Holistic Teaching and Learning. There is a kind of learning that is informal, buried in our everyday lives, where you learn things even though you don't realize it.

It is the way our ancestors for millions of years learned how to exist and survive before there was formal schooling. Like if you are building a doghouse and you learn about angles and measurements and physical properties, of if you are baking a cake and you learn about temperatures and measurements and chemistry and physical properties of objects. It is called learning holistically.

Not all learning has to be formal and in school. In fact I believe I learned more about Animal Science working at the Uni. of Tennessee Veterinary College than I did when I was an undergraduate at the University of Georgia. Just working with all those animals and listening to what was going on around me I picked up a lot of information about animal care and physiology.

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