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Subject:  Re: Dear GOP Date:  11/15/2012  12:14 PM
Author:  Frydaze1 Number:  34715 of 39658

Apologies to impolite for engaging on her board...


I'd like to ask you a couple of questions on just a few specific points. I'm not interested in a massive, acrimonious debate. Just a few points that confuse me even when I discuss them with my conservative friends. So assuming you're willing to answer courteously, I will ask courteously:

- Trying to improve education of our youth by giving it back to parents and churches instead of a non-Constitutional Department of Education that imposes a non-religious secular humanism on children.

Religions have many conflicting views on various scientific subjects. Even just within Christianity. What is your ideal of how the public school system should handle this? For example: Bill Nye was verbally attacked for stating that the moon doesn't have its own light but instead reflects the light of the sun, when a particular group of Christians insisted that the bible said otherwise. I'm going to assume that you agree that the moon does not, in fact, cast light of its own. But there are Chr