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Subject:  Re: The vote of every thinking person Date:  11/15/2012  2:51 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  655307 of 876420

"Almost the exact same things were said of my Jewish immigrant forbearers. They were seen as suspicious interlopers and a threat to good, Christian American values. In retrospect it seems silly, as will this wigginess over (legal) Latin American and other "minority" immigrants in 50 years.

This isn't a white country. It is and always has been a country of immigrants. "


Correction: It is and always has been a country of LEGAL immigrants.

Not border runners.

Not fly by night coyote arranged trips over the border.

Not folks arriving by boat.

In the past, it has been people willing to work hard to make a life for themselves. They had to be SPONSORED by a family member, who agreed to provide support for at least five years if the said LEGAL immigrant could not provide for himself.

In addition, you didn't get into the country unless you had a sponsor, or could show sufficient funds to fund yourself for a year - like those who moved west and bought farmsteads and had enough to live on the first year before the first crops came in.


My great great grandfather came over in 1862...LEGALLY..a year later he volunteered for 7th NY infantry..and was wounded twice in the Civil WAr.....

My Grandfather on the other side came over from Naples Italy in 1912. Just before the Titanic sank. He was a trained jeweler/watch repairman. My grandmother came over from Sweden at the same time.

The rest of my relatives came over in the 1880s-1900. One was a trained rigger - sailed on the tall ships, and then went into rigging on tall structures - lived in Johnstown...escaped the gigantic flood there and moved the family to NYC......

What you forgot was....we are a country of LEGAL immigrants..not of 'border runner' immigrants with no education, no job skills.......

Yeah..we wanted the 'tired' and the 'poor'(from socialism)......but they had to have job skills, a sponsor, or resources to survive, unlike today's welfare weenies and queenies who run the border, have a kid or two and instantly go on welfare and other 'freebie' programs at the expense of the rest of taxpayer.

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