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Subject:  Re: The vote of every thinking person Date:  11/15/2012  3:49 PM
Author:  Ziege19 Number:  655332 of 876054

The thing is it seems every single liberal argument being used today is based on a fairly obvious false statement.
They really have figured out that the big lie works, if you control the propaganda wing(aka the MSM).

No, it just seems that way because you've been so indoctrinated by "alternative" conservative media that you think a lot of true statements are false.

Such as "Obama is winning in the polls."

True, obvious and mathematically proven statement, you guys were told by Fox and Drudge and Rush and Newsma and Unskewed Polls, etc that it was false. So we've established, in an empirically proven way, that conservative media has been lying to you and the "liberal media" has been more correct.

I understand they've trained you to shake your head at the truth and deny it, because this is what you folks do for economics, climate change, and so forth. But now it's up to you to decide whether you want to live in the world of reality where your beliefs match the facts, or the alternate universe that has been created for you by people who insult your intelligence at every turn, where facts are liberal inventions to be obediently undermined.

The choice is yours, but I can tell you, life is better over here.
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