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Subject:  Re: Simpson/Bowles on CNBC going off... Date:  11/15/2012  7:47 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1837219 of 2204425

Easy. There will be NO entitlement reform without tax hikes on the wealthy. It's called compromise and the GOP will have none of it.

One wonders where you studied negotiations. So all this is the GOP's fault. You know, you could just type "This is all the Republicans' fault" and use it as a sig line.

Tell me, what did Reid just say about Social Security? Are you aware? And did you read what Simpson/Bowles were saying about it higher up in the thread? BTW: Boehner said he'd do more revenue as his opening position.

You keep forgetting this is a two party system and, by the way, those lower tax rates you think are indispensable we in place throughout the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

And....? I assume you're trying to make a point that having low marginal tax rates across the board caused the housing bubble with this....let me go ahead and LOL @ that.

Cause and effect? No, but certainly no reason to believe our economy couldn't survive higher taxes on the wealthy. Heck, I think it did pretty well with it in the late 90's.

Oh, good. You don't earn a gold star, though. The economy blossomed in the mid 90's due to widespread simulataneous adoption of the PC in bidness + the internet. The combo created a massive productivity boom and the .com bubble.

In other words, we could afford those rates.

Back to you. How do raising taxes by $80 billion close Obama's $1 trillion yearly hole? And fix entitlements?
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