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Subject:  Re: The vote of every thinking person Date:  11/15/2012  8:09 PM
Author:  Ziege19 Number:  655385 of 877018

I still think ballots should be in English, signs in public places should be in English and children should learn English (only) in school.

I think the notion that children should not be taught other languages in school is to place a value on ignorance. Seeing people express these kinds of sentiments is so sad to me. Are there really people running around out there who know more than one language who think to themselves "boy, I really wish I'd never been taught that second language...I'd be better off only knowing one"?

Why are you so supportive of Spanish? Are you Hispanic? Why don't you want to assimilate?

I like America, including the parts of America where Spanish has been spoken since the country was formed. The idea of an English-only nation is a myth, it's simply not true. To assimilate into American culture means learning Spanish. If you live in Florida, Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona or Nevada (where about one-third of our population lives) and you don't speak Spanish, then YOU are the one who hasn't assimilated. A bi-lingual Latino in those places is more assimilated than one who speaks English only.

The English-only conservatives are engaged in a celebration of ignorance. And it shows across the range of their politics.
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