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Subject:  Re: Little known facts Date:  11/15/2012  9:48 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  655400 of 876091

Medicare and Other Entitlements Are Crowding Out Spending on Defense

Ever-increasing entitlement spending is putting pressure on key spending priorities, such as national defense, a core constitutional function of government. Defense spending has declined significantly over time, even when the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are included, as spending on the three major entitlements—Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—has more than tripled.
With that said i'd cut military spending too but i sure as hell wouldn't put it first so the dems can pull the ole Lucy with the football trick. I wouldn't fall for Obama's ridiculous, "Hey, let's raise taxes on the rich first and then discuss entitlement reform in good faith, everything on the table, you bunch of hostage takers!". You'd have to be a complete jackwagon to fall for that one.
Wilbur Ross backs me up!

President Obama's proposal to extend the middle-class tax cuts before reforming the tax code and entitlements is a "sucker's game," billionaire investor Wilbur Ross told CNBC Thursday.

"The trade-off the president proposed is not a trade-off," Ross said on “Squawk Box”. "To say give me what I want, which is the middle-class relief, and I'll give you a framework for negotiations, that's a sucker's game.”

In a press conference on Wednesday, Obama called for an immediate extension of the Bush-era tax cuts on all but the wealthiest Americans to avoid the "fiscal cliff." He added that he'd be willing to negotiate other big issues like tax and entitlement reform at a later date.

Ross said that what’s being obscured in the fiscal cliff debate is not that the country is under taxed, it’s that it is spending too much.

“The whole focus is on revenues,” he noted. “You can't solve the bulk of the problem with revenues. It’s not going to happen.”

Moreover, the debate on spending isn't about actual cuts but about reducing the rate of spending growth, Ross added.
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