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Subject:  Re: The vote of every thinking person Date:  11/16/2012  12:07 PM
Author:  Ziege19 Number:  655499 of 876046

But I think all Americans should learn English, too.

So do I. But learning another language takes time, it's not instantaneous. And it's especially hard and time consuming for older adults. They can't snap their fingers and speak English.

When I was in Mexico City there was a good amount of English on signs, menus, notices, etc. Not a ton, but some. And while many people did not speak a bit of English, some spoke a little. I speak some Spanish, but I'm not quiet fluent.

Now, my boyfriend and I have talked about moving to Latin America. I picture myself if I was in the process of moving to Mexico with him and trying to find a job etc, and obviously I would immediately begin working intensely on my Spanish. But until I achieved substantial results, the English signs and broadcasts and newspapers etc would UNITE me with the culture of the place, not divide. A single-language ideology would be divisive. Having resources in English would give me more opportunity to become involved in the culture and the politics, to learn and communicate, and the more I do that the better my Spanish would get. If they had the nasty attitude that so many people have here over keeping other languages off of signs and ballots and whatnot, then my curve toward integrating would be much steeper.

I also picture what it would feel like to have people hear my broken but earnest efforts to speak Spanish and say "You're in Mexico, speak learn Spanish", treating me like some kind of ignorant or lazy person. What an incredible, unforgivable jerk that person would be!

Fortunately, people were universally nice, polite and friendly to me and tickled as all get-out that I was trying to speak their language.

That's just a better way to be, and it would make us a better, more united country.

Since you like twisting the positions of others, let me try it on you. Why do you hate English so? Is it simply so that Democrats can have more groups to pit against each other, keep in poverty and thus voting Democrat?

That's cute.
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