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Subject:  Re: The vote of every thinking person Date:  11/16/2012  12:25 PM
Author:  twopairfullhouse Number:  655502 of 875615

I also picture what it would feel like to have people hear my broken but earnest efforts to speak Spanish and say "You're in Mexico, speak learn Spanish", treating me like some kind of ignorant or lazy person. What an incredible, unforgivable jerk that person would be!

Nice soft-shoe-attempt-at-a-change-of-subject, but you're in the wrong place to be able to get away with that. Unlike PA, we actually think and argue with facts here. You have been arguing that America somehow owes immigrants to provide them with materials in their native language. No one has argued that we should punish those who are trying to learn. We are simply arguing that enabling them to not learn is the wrong course.

America didn't print all its Government documents in German for German immigrants, or in Chinese for Chinese immigrants, or Korean for Korean immigrants. Yet, these people come to America and not only survive, but thrive. Their children go to American schools (and have in the past), and they learned English. You can look it up.

Your plan would allow people to do everything they need to do without learning English.

But I think all Americans should learn English, too.

So do I.

Apparently not, because you would prefer to enable Spanish speakers to avoid the hard but necessary work of learning English. Look at yourself. You're considering moving to Latin America and are actively trying to learn Spanish. You're not even there yet, and it appears that you don't expect your potential future hosts to give you everything you need in English. Shocking.
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