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Subject:  Re: RM: Floor-standing speakers Date:  11/16/2012  6:24 PM
Author:  RocketsMomma Number:  9921 of 10687

But back to speaker efficiency. Lots has been written about this but it boils down to how many decibels output for wattage input. Get 95 dB for 100 Watts is better than 75 Db for 100 Watts. In practice it is relatively meaningless since turning up the volume to 95 dB is easily done (and scare the pets). Yes, the Ohm rating of a speaker figures in there but since the nominal Ohm rating is either 8 or 4 and that shifts rapidly upward with increase in volume the math is staggeringly complex.
RM, theose Boston Acoustics CR8’s are the most efficient speakers you have. That’s why they handle the volume/loudness so well.

Okay... still scratching my head here. I can't remember what 1poorguy has for speakers so I can't look up the specs. However, I can for mine, and to compare apple to apples, I've also got the specs of the Atlantic Techs that match the center I bought. (and those specs are identical to the center's just mounted horizontally.)

Boston Acoustic CR8 1 1" tweeter 1 7" woofer

Frequency response 48-20,000 Hz
Rec Amp Power 12-125 watts
nom Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 90 dB
Crossover Freq 3000 Hz

Atlantic Technology 2200 1 1" tweeter 2 4.5" woofer

Frequency response 90-20,000 Hz
Rec Amp Power 10-140 watts
nom Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 90 dB
Crossover Freq 3500 Hz

Okay, is there any way to tell how efficient one is over the other? Or as the specs are so similar is comparing these two not useful? I see that the AT has smaller but two woofers compared to the BA's single one. Does that sort of thing make a difference? I do notice when looking at photos of floor standers they often have multiple woofers (which I believe you touched on in a previous post, referring to them having different frequency responses.)

As the 2 woofers in the ATs have the same frequency response, I can infer a couple possibilities, that either they used two to keep the box dimensions small, or 2 is better than one even if they are smaller? Does something weird happen as in total diameter making a difference?

Also can speakers (transducers?) get tired?

RM - full of questions
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