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Subject:  Re: Kill Me Now Date:  11/16/2012  8:20 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  655603 of 876394

"Some years ago a friend and I were traveling through Powis in Northern Wales. Spent the night in Powis Castle. Had a good dinner, walked to the local pub. Sat next to 2 ancient, edentulous apple headed local hobbits. Bought them drinks, became instant friends. They spent the next hour telling me just how evil, corrupt, immoral, untrustworthy, and prone to sheep buggery the Southern Welsh were. The operative theory was that they were corrupted in the 13th century by the English invasion of Edward 1 and never recovered.Apparently you could tell a southern from a northern welsh just by the slope of their forehead. The southern welsh had slopped foreheads to help them from bumping their heads in the coal mines. The northern had straight foreheads full of brains and gile to help them escape the dirty, murderous English. It was quite an education."
- mcb

That was hilarious! When I was a kid in Southern California we used to call the Mexican kids "Beaners". Then after mom died and we moved to Atlanta it was the black kids we were supposed to dislike. By that point I had matured enough to realize how ridiculous it all was.

It wasn't till much later in my life that I came up with my "duality and separation" philosophy which pretty much wrote the whole thing off as just another learning experience along with all the other dualities we have to endure in this life. Just one more way to experience separation.

And that includes politics.

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