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Subject:  Re: Israelis Jews favor official discrimination Date:  11/16/2012  11:05 PM
Author:  elann Number:  22155 of 22876

You're forgetting than Israel only exists today as a Jewish state because the western world gave it back to the Jews in the 1960's.

Better brush up on your history. Modern immigration of Zionist Jews to Israel began in the 1880s. In 1918 after the Ottoman Empire collapsed the League of Nations granted Great Britain a 30 year mandate over Palestine with the explicit intention of establishing a Jewish state on all or part of the land. In 1948 after thirty years of on and off conflict between Arabs and Jews, in which the British mandate government generally sided with the Arabs, the British who were exhausted by WWII and their colonial empire in India and Pakistan, and sick of their failing attempts to keep order in Palestine, simply got up and left. Israel declared its independence in the vacuum left behind by the British. The declaration of independence was quickly recognized by several countries, but the only country that provided material help (weapons) to the new state was the Soviet Union through its surrogate Czechoslovakia. The United States, Britain, and all other western countries maintained an embargo on all arms shipments to the new state, and the Jews fought off the invading Arab armies on their own.

So nobody gave Israel to the Jews, certainly not in the 1960s. The popular myth that Israel was established to make up for the holocaust in Europe is simply wrong. WWII was an indirect factor in the establishment of Israel only because it accelerated the collapse of the British Empire.

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