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Subject:  Re: Kill Me Now Date:  11/16/2012  11:29 PM
Author:  AOLFoolman100 Number:  655626 of 875700

fleg wrote: I have trouble eating while knowing what Homo sapiens did to Homo neanderthalensis.

Natives living in North America were hardly Neanderthals. oh man, I hate to laugh at someone else's expense. But I did chuckle pretty hard at this. It's right up there with that comment over Photoshopping the old photo about the depression soup kitchen line a few months back. Remember that?

I swear, it's responses like this, reading many posts over the years on the Fool, that I think there really is such a thing as the "humor gene". There are certain few posters here on this board (and others)....and it has nothing to do with intelligence, they all are bright....that don't seem to get jokes, or understand at all when people are simply joking. It's one thing when someone is young and experienced, or don't know the posters here....but they are neither. They are all middle aged and been poster here for years. I won't name names of course.

Yet, time after time....people don't get simple humor...or understand it when someone is simply joking. But they can understand other matters that're very intricate and intellectual challenging. It's a really strange phenomenon of the human mind. Yes, AssBurgers is partly the explanation, but it's more than that.
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