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Subject:  Re: Ethical question part two Date:  11/16/2012  11:39 PM
Author:  kahunacfa Number:  49010 of 49409

...So here is where it gets interesting...

Since that time, I have not heard anything from my boss other than a request for a meeting about the situation so that we could tie up loose ends. I agreed to the meeting and said that we could have it on a day that my boss was available, but he didn't get back to me with a time. So I followed up to ask when we were supposed to meet. I have not heard anything from him since that original meeting request which was in the first week in October.

No mention of a raise, not even a reply to emails specifically asking him to meet with me. So I'm left wondering what is going on...

Any ideas of how to approach him now that I'm getting radio silence? I know I told him it was not about the money, but he was the one who offered to match the money the client was going to pay me.

I feel akward going back to him now to say "Hey listen, I know I said it wasn't about the money, but my partner is still out of work and you did make me a promise, so please pay me the money'.

Any one got any advice on this one?

- moggiemac | Date: 11/14/2012 9:06:18 PM | Number: 49009

NEVER, EVER engage in a bidding WAR for your employment services. Either your present employer will keep you compensation at market levels or they will NOT. Whenever, I ever left a position I really liked, and I LOVED all of my investment positions from 1974 to the present, I never left for less than a 50% increase in base compensation + bonus.

I also NEVER expected or asked my then current employer to match the new offered compensation. I left a position I LOVED in 1980. In 1983, the company I left hired me back as a Vice President, Division head at the usual 50% or more compensation increase, plus a bonus of up to 200% of my base, plus a company provided leased automobile.

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