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Subject:  Re: The vote of every thinking person Date:  11/17/2012  7:57 AM
Author:  twopairfullhouse Number:  655640 of 876036

I think Americans ought to learn Math too, but I don't think we need to make people pass a math test in order to be included in society. As if these people owe you if you are entitled to decide what language other people speak based ONLY on what is best for you personally.

I think this part deserves its own response.

Just so you know, real life judges people on their math skills every day. People who play the lottery instead of saving don't do as well. And it's typical for people like you to assume that my position is based on my supposed ability to take advantage of them or abuse them in some way. It's quite the opposite; I want everyone to achieve the greatest degree of personal success possible. I acknowledge that learning English plays a key role in that in the United States.

If people want to be ignorant, that's their choice. Any one person or family isn't going to make one whit of difference to me economically, though I acknowledge that is a shame.

But you are an ignorance enabler, in the name of 'fairness'. You feel that people shouldn't have to learn English, because it's mean, cruel and heartless. And you decry those who challenge your thinking as ignorant.

However, your whole line of thinking ignores the very basic and undeniable fact that English fluency correlates to achievement and financial well-being in the United States. You can ignore the evidence that tens of thousands of Asian immigrants have come here over the past several decades without knowing English at all, and their descendants are now quite successful, speaking English as fluently as their native tongue. You would prefer to slow this assimilation process for Hispanics, which relegates them to a lower degree of upward mobility.

I should also point out that there are such things as 'Little Italy', 'Chinatown', etc., in many cities that allow people to get along reasonably well in their native tongue, until they or their descendants achieve fluency in English. But these are temporary, and any members of those cultures that wish to achieve greater things know that learning English is critical.
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