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Subject:  Unbelievable Part II - It gets worse. Date:  11/17/2012  9:43 AM
Author:  MadCapitalist Number:  655653 of 876075

I had missed this one, also from METAR. This is classic. It got a ton of Rec's too, which shows you what we are up against.

This shows a profound ignorance of science.

Ummmmm...I'm an undissertated doctor in physics. My name is on several papers in astrophysics. I know a damned sight more about it than you do.

Unfortunately for Mr. Physicist, I'm not intimidated by self-proclaimed experts who insist that they know more than me (especially without knowing me). I am confident in my ability to reason. So what does Mr. Physicist go on to say?

When are all other things ever equal? They're not. Your idea is to hold everything equal and move the one slider (taxes). That's ludicrous when you're talking an economy or a society.

And the data (real world results) shows you are wrong. The economy was healthier under Clinton (higher taxes) than Bush. It was also healthier back when the top marginal tax rate was over 70%. Tax cuts get pocketed. The stimulus, if any, is like a sugar rush that wears off quickly.

You're simply wrong.

Isn't that hilarious? He is supposedly a physicist, but this is the worst scientific reasoning possible. Anyone who understands anything about science knows that you can't isolate the effect of varying one variable (in this case taxes) while varying other variables at the same time (an essentially infinite number of things that can affect economic growth). His anecdotes prove absolutely nothing, and this is what is supposed to pass for scientific proof that I'm wrong about the connection between taxes and growth!

If our scientists can't even do simple reasoning, then we are in big trouble.
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