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Subject:  Re: WMT Workers Getting Spines for Xmas Date:  11/17/2012  12:36 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  868792 of 902421

<< Plenty of blame to share with everyone. When GM was teetering management said it was the fault of the unions (and definitely unions had pushed demands past the safety zone, but they have elections just like Congress has elections, and union management has to come up with something new each contract or they get voted out) >>

Yes, that's exactly right. The United Auto Workers was a junior partner to the auto companies it bargained with, and the admirably democratic nature of the UAW and the skill of the union leadership gave them more power than was good for them, which they couldn't keep from using too much for internal political reasons.

<< I think in most of these situations you can put some blame on both sides. Union leaders want to keep their jobs, so they keep pushing for more and more pay and benefits, and management is playing to the stockholders by focusing on short term results to keep the stock up, and not putting enough energy, money and time into Research and Development.

Plenty of blame.

Nancy >>

Yep. I think that's fair.

The idea that unions are never at fault is, of course, bogus. Personally I like unions, and used to work for them. But they have their weaknesses which should be recognized as well, like any human institution and particularly like any human political and economic institution whose aim is acquiring and using power.

My liberal friends like to jump on abuses by business, which is fine and appropriate. But the weaknesses and abuses of your friends, such as unions and environmental organization should be recognized as well. Too often you guys turn a blind eye to them.

Seattle Pioneer
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