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Subject:  Steyn Channels Jedi Date:  11/17/2012  1:32 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  655682 of 795230

MS: Well, this is a difficult one, because my bet is that…if you negotiate, it will almost certainly come out like this. The tax hikes will be real, and all the spending cuts will be bookkeeping tricks that in the end will mean nothing. On January the 1st, if nothing is done, it’s going to the largest tax increase in American history. This is at a time when the European Union has already slipped back. Europe has already slipped back into recession. So in other words, you would have basically the two halves of the Western world engaging in a kind of synchronized suicide. And it is a big challenge to Republicans, but the last time John Boehner negotiated over this stuff, he got suckered.