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Subject:  For Those On The Right Wing Celebrating Hostess Date:  11/17/2012  2:57 PM
Author:  Milligram46 Number:  1837818 of 2016287

...and its failure. And the big FU to the 12,000 union employees, and the 18,000 total employees on the payroll, thank you for your hatred of America.

Each job at a large company like Interstate Bakeries (aka Hostess) feeds 4 to 5 supporting jobs.

From the diner by the factories, to the dry cleaners, to the gas station attendant, to the suppliers who's truck drivers use to drive the flour to the factory, to the factory that made the flour, to the farmer that grew the wheat...

Oh - you didn't think about that, did you.

Yup, you're "celebrating" the loss of 80K to 100K American jobs - good paying jobs for hard working Americans, and many of them non-union and if you pulled your fool head out of your arse you would real