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Subject:  More postgame analysis Date:  11/17/2012  9:28 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  1837927 of 2207286

Remember how Romney was shocked, shocked to find out that he lost? Remember how Rasmussen and the other Romney leaning pollsters assumed that the youth vote wouldn't be as large this time as it was in 2008 because, well, the thrill was gone? Turns out it was actually a larger percentage of the vote this time.

The heart of social media: 18-34.

Spending on social media for Obama: $47 million. For Romney: 4.7 million. No, that's not a decimal point in the wrong place. Obama spent 10-to-1 over Romney on social media. Meanwhile the old school, I'm sorry, "professional managers" for the Republican party were stuck back in the 1950's, when TV reached everybody and Mad Men ruled the world.

There have been many stories about how Obama's digital initiative, Narwhal, whomped Romney's ORCA, which crashed and burned on election day. So odd that the guy who hung his hat on running a business couldn't seem to, and was stuck in a bygone era when it came to actually reaching voters.
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