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Subject:  Re: Diplomats Died, The prez Lied Date:  11/17/2012  9:31 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  1837928 of 2207233

The sad truth is, if you take the high road and ignore the gutter, it will block up and flood. Sometimes you have to get in the gutter and turn on the hose.

You might be right. I've said as much myself in the past. But the downside to addressing their nonsense is that it gives it far more credibility than it deserves. The press thrives on sensationalism and conflict so they love to air shows where they sit a PhD biologist next to fundamentalist minister and pretend that there might be a rational debate about evolution . . . or they sit a PhD environmental scientist next to a TV meteorologist and pretend that there might be a rational debate about global warming . . . or the sit a Nobel Prize winning economist down next to a right wing think-tank lobbyist and pretend that there is a "fiscal cliff" that can only be addressed by austerity. . . or we sit a global health expert down next to a representative of the US health insurance industry and pretend that the idea of a working universal healthcare system might not be achievable. . . You get the picture. The right has been controlling the dialogue, even the language we use to discuss topics, and it has had a terrible impact.

Most of the issues that the wingnuts are forcing into national debate were decided long ago based on facts. No intelligent debate can still exist. The debate only exists if we ignore facts and science and history. How long do we let them retard human progress in this country by rehashing the same disproven nonsense over and over again? We need to move past their ignorance so we can discuss real issues and explore real solutions.

This non-issue is especially nutty. They don't really even have a coherent story about what happened that we should be worried about, about how Obama was involved, about why it matters to the ultimate course of action . . . They're just mad as h3ll and convinced that Obama is at fault for something evil. Why acknowledge their stupidity at all? Why pretend this nonsense has any credibility?
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