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Subject:  Re: The Dems want it, let them have it. Date:  11/17/2012  10:47 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1837941 of 2211153

Of course total control of power by a single party is almost certainly going to be a bad thing. This is true if for no other reason, because it leads to almost certain corruption and the inefficiency that results from that. Witness Arizona during the past several years.

Except in this case, Obama is perfect. There's no reason for an opposition party. Let him do whatever he wants.

Yeah. "Done" alright. That was done by Bush-Cheney in case you've been asleep for the past 15 years.

And yet, when given total control of Congress, he made it worse. But who cares? Obama is awesome. Let's go with Krugman's ideas, BTW.

You may have this one right. I and many liberals probably would like to see some significant cuts in defense spending. The problem right now is that defense budget cuts will result almost directly in job loss and unemployment. We need to get the economy going stronger so that we can cut defense deeply. I would favor cuts in the 20% to 25% range over a period of years.

Nah. Serves those warmongering engineers right. Lay them all off and let them find other work. Slash defense; who needs it?

I don't hear anyone saying this. Almost everyone wants to see SS, Medicare and Medicaid made more sustainable. SS can be fixed with very minor tweaks. Medicare is a bigger problem. As far as I can tell, most liberals want to fix these programs to guarantee the longevity of the program. The fixes they prefer just aren't the same as the ones the right favor. The right seems to be too lazy or too simple minded to think of a solution to fix them. Their preference is to gut them and let Granny die at the curb. I'm confident we can do better than that.

Actually, very few liberals want to admit there's a problem. As to your characterization of the right being "lazy" and "simple minded", LOL @ you.

Let Obama do as he will. You wanted liberalism, you should have your jaws pried open so you can enjoy its fruits. All you can stand.
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